Size Waist Total Bags
/ Carton
Net Weight
/ Gross Weight
Medium 81-119cm 10 pcs x 12 bags 11.5 kg / 12.5 kg
Large 101-137cm 8 pcs x 12 bags 12.2 kg / 13.2 kg
Extra Large 122-140cm 8 pcs x 12 bags 12.4 kg / 13.4 kg

Adult Diapers (Packet)

Suitable for handicapped & less-active users

$11.00 $9.00

WeCare adult diapers are offered ultra soft feeling which is safe and gentle on sensitive skin and comfort for the user. It is specially designed for semi-mobile/bed-ridden users for moderate to heavy incontinence for both genders in dday and night time. Double spot tapes features allow easy fastening and refastening for more comfortable fit.

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Key Features

Double the Comfort.
Double the Absorbent Core.

With our intense research design engineered for maximum efficiency. Wecare Adult Diapers blend comfort and support with the introduction of our double core design that help absorb the liquid and keeping it locked, preventing the liquid from contacting the skin, keeping the skin dry and fresh.

More Bigger Surface Area,
More Fast Absorbing

Our Diapers are specially designed to be wider and thicker than others, this is to ensure maximum 360-degree comfort and quicken the absorption process to lock wetness during daily use. Easy to fasten user waist and refasten it to assure the best fit for user comfort.

Faster Absorbency,
No Fear of Leaking.

WeCare Adult Diapers are designed with interconnected channel design to help in spreading running liquid for more equal distribution to the absorbent pad resulting a faster absorption - promising to keep the contacted skin dry.

6x Better Absorption

Our diapers are designed to be high absorption with absorbing liquid up to 6 times (6 cups) while still guaranteeing skin dryness.

Better Fit and Anti Wrinkles

A better folding system that doesn't cause any wrinkles in the crotch area to reduce any leakage or discomfort.

Soft & Comfort

WeCare Premium's soft material ensures that our diapers feel gentle and comfortable to the skin. Ensuring maximum protection and inhibit the growth of bacteria that can cause rashes.

We Guarantee

Proved that the product effectively prevent the growth of bacteria that cause bad odor and rashes.

No trace of any fluorescent agents are added to the product.

WeCare ensures no formaldehyde in the manufacturing process that will be harmful to the skin.

With double core technology, WeCare Premium able to absorb more faster and more liquid than others.

Maintained the skin in neutral pH to help minimize the appearance of diaper rash.

Safe from leaking with side protection on both sides of the diaper and pants to prevent and retain liquid from side leakage.

We're Proudly
Certified by

ISO 9001 Certified
Quality Management System

ISO 14001 Certified
Environmental Management System

Let's Start Our Journey Together

Let us embark on this journey of care, compassion, and empowerment. We are here to support you every step of the way, providing not just quality adult diapers, but also unwavering care and understanding.

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