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How to Handle Your Parents’ Urinary Incontinence in Their Old Age

August 04, 2023

Your parents' health becomes the most important concern as they age. Sometimes they experience a bit of trouble with their health every other day, sometimes their health deteriorates rapidly out of nowhere. Providing them with the best care in their golden years is the most important part when you are taking care of them. There are many things that you can do to maintain your aging parents’ health. In this article, we delve into some effective strategies to ensure your parents’ health and well-being during their old age.

Regular Health Check-ups and Screenings

Don’t ever miss regular check-ups and screening as they are very important when you are taking care of your aging parents. Check-ups and screening are essential to catch potentially serious health issues early. The earlier you catch their health issues, the easier it is to treat them. Talk to your parents’ doctor and schedule routine visits to their healthcare providers. Their doctor will recommend what type of screenings your parents need based on their medical records and current medical conditions. You can also ask for recommendations from the doctor on how to take care of your parents, health-wise. Like what type of food, they should eat or what kind of exercises are considered safe for them. 

Open Communication

Transparent communication is the cornerstone of providing for the health of your elderly parents. Talk to them about their preferences, worries, and any issues they might have regarding their health. They will have trouble opening up to you at first, but as you get closer to them emotionally, they will start to open up. At this point, you need to listen to them and make them feel understood. You will also need to give them the emotional support that they need. At their age, they do not have many friends or colleagues, you should always be the one who they can talk to. Allow them to convey their stories and worries by paying attention to them. This emotional connection may benefit their general health and mental well-being.

Emotional Support

While a doctor's evaluation may indicate that incontinence is a common occurrence among seniors, it is understandable that parents might find it challenging to come to terms with this situation. As their child, you can play a significant role in assisting them in handling their feelings of vulnerability and bolstering their self-assurance, particularly if they still lead an active normal lifestyle. In approaching this sensitive subject, it is crucial to demonstrate empathy and sensitivity, letting them know your genuine concern for their comfort and well-being. By discussing these potential solutions, you can empower your parents to make decisions that resonate with their preferences and requirements, all while enabling them to continue embracing their dynamic and fulfilling way of life without being affected by their incontinence issues.

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